Public Relations

Development and maintenance of public relations.

We are able to represent your company or project and support it in media throughout its duration.

We represent your company/project and increase its visibility. In media presentations we put emphasis on the specific characteristics of your company/project operation.

We collaborate with all types of media (press, TV, radio, internet).

What we offer:

  • creating appropriate media plan
  • arranging media partners
  • representing your project in the position of a press agent
  • developing your press kit and press releases
  • organizing press conferences
  • arranging advertisements in media
  • arranging press monitoring
  • ensuring crisis communication (efficient communication in cases of emergency requiring immediate solution)

Press Services

Press services are intended mainly for media professionals who are then able to publish information about the projects that we represent more efficiently. Thanks to our press services, all updated and specific information is available to journalists in time. Press services are always tailored to the needs of a specific project.

Our press services include:

  • ensuring media representatives at press conferences
  • distribution of press releases, press kits and other materials
  • individual work with journalists

Media Consultancy

If our clients do not have space for long-term cooperation we can offer them media consultancy services, aimed at efficient and focused presentation of our client or a specific project.

Media consultancy services are to help our client with:

  • establishing priorities in the field of media communication
  • creating PR strategies
  • choosing media partners

Other Services

Public Relations are closely connected with marketing activities: we are able to arrange full marketing campaigns.

Thanks to our exceptional experience with production teams we collaborate with on regular basis, we are also able to arrange the project execution itself.